A downloadable game

Two students took the challenge to create a game in just 24 hours with an unknown programming language and engine. The language used is LUA and the engine is PICO-8.

With a livestream following the entire journey and as a result we present to you:

Thanks Mr. Trump!

Pick up the fight with Kim Jong Un, smack as many times as possible while you dodge nukes.

To support us please download the files as well, this is greatly appreciated.

With kindness,

Frans & Sten


move with the arrowkeys

smack with 'o' ('x' button)

Install instructions

To play this cart in your own Pico-8 follow these simple steps:

1 Download the game

2 Locate the download file and place it in your pico-8/carts/ folder

3 Open pico and type: "Load ThanksTrump"

4 Run the game and enjoy!


Trump_HTML.zip 341 kB
thankstrump.p8 41 kB

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